Postcards from Bogota

This is my (Daniel) first time in Colombia, and I find myself wanting to take pictures of everything! It’s hard though, because when I’m out and about, I’m generally carrying Aki on my shoulders, so I don’t have my hands free. Also, in a lot of situations, it’s just not a great idea to whip out your iphone… it’s kinda like announcing that you’re a foreigner / easy / potentially lucrative pickpocket target. So, I’m slowly accumulating neat photos. I’ve started carrying around a cheap digital camera, which helps. Anyway, here are some photos of Bogota and our adventures so far.

Bogota has TONS of graffiti. TONS. Like, I can’t overstate how much street art there is. A lot of it isn’t great, but then again, a lot of it definitely is.

Here’s some pics from the Deaf school

We spent our first couple weeks here in a guest room at the deaf school. Patti Jones and her staff very generously talked with us, translated for us, and lent us sheets, pillows, etc. to help us get started. Patti has been a really important part of the Deaf community here in Bogota for decades. Here’s a link to a 2018 article about Patti and the deaf school in “The City Paper” – an English language Bogota Newspaper.

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